(Author: Ly Luong- K17) 
As can be seen from the fact, FIS Students always grasped the practical and professional requirements after graduation, as well as contributed to promote a better and civilized development of society. Hence, the FC4DC is founded to create a closer network among not only HANU students but also others. 

FC4DC's activities aim at enhancing students’ communication capacities and engaging young people who are passionate about communication to spread positive impact to society and to solve the social problems. FC4DC is operated under the support of the VIBE project (IrishAid and Hanoi University).

The first recruitment of FC4DC was successfully organized with the participation and support of many passionate students from the faculties of Hanoi University. At the end of the recruitment, Mr. Dang Long – Club’s counselor also the Chairman selected the 40 best candidates including 26 International Studies’ students and 14 more from other departments of HANU as core FC4DC’s members.

In the afternoon of August 30, 2018, at the room 612C, Hanoi University, FC4DC’s members officially had a thorough discussion with Mr. Dang Long, Mr. Nguyen Vu Hai (K13, FIS Alumni), and Mr. Dong Anh Duc (graduated student of the Faculty of German Studiessecond degree K16 student of International Studies).

Since the beginning of the meeting, FC4DC’s members had quickly got along with each other through conversation and team building session without hesitation and timid. After that, with the guidance of Mr. Long and two experienced cameraman and designer: Mr. Hai and Mr. Duc, the recruits seemed to have  better understanding of communication for development. Moreover, smaller groups alsoone by onediscussed their basic knowledge as well as valuable experience with seniors. At the end of the meeting, everyone was so happy and eager for the next meeting.

Hopefully, all the FC4DC’s members will have great time with their fellows and accumulate lots of experience from instructors, seniors, and even friends. Finally, the FC4DC thanks everyone for your presence and can’t wait to see you in the upcoming meeting.