Joint Field Research: Development Perspectives

Student - led Conference
“Joint Field Research: Development Perspectives”
Hanoi, 7th, May, 2018

VIBE is an Irish Aid funded project to support and enhance collaborations in Teaching and Research on Development and the Environment From a Social Sciences Perspective. It is carried out by Faculty of International Studies, Hanoi University and School of Geography, University College Dublin.
The objective of the project is to enhance and continue to grow collaborative educational and research activities between the Faculty of International Studies, Hanoi University (HANU FIS) and the School of Geography, University College Dublin (UCD Geography). These activities will centre on a suite of innovative co-produced and co-taught joint educational initiatives and exchanges of instructors and students between our institutions. These activities foreground the study area of development and the environment through a social science and policy-oriented lens, in which our institutions have mutual expertise. The focus will be on developing students’ skillsets in key areas: field-based research project skills; applied geospatial skills, and the technological proficiencies required to examine and address challenges present by development and sustainability research.
Student-led conference is one key activity within Component 1 of the project for joint field research. Hanu students will lead the organization of a conference in which students from UCD and Hanu will present their research through poster presentation.

The conference aims to serve as a discussion platform for students to:
• present recent joint field research;
• share the good practices and experiences between FIS and UCD students
• promote possible cooperation or the network and partnership among participants in the fields concerned.

Tentative Agenda (enclosed)

Registration for the conference
Students can register to participate into the conference by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 25/5/2018.
No registration fee.
Workshop Agenda.pdf