GIS Module

Designing and delivering GIS module
Activity 2.1. Develop a tailored Geographic Information Systems (GIS) online module, based on Vietnamese-specific datasets, involving module content development, data gathering and applied exercise identification and design.  
Activity 2.2. Develop hands-on demonstration on the application of various spatial analysis tools and techniques using contemporary Vietnamese and Irish datasets and case studies
Activity 2.3. Provide training of trainers of the module to HANU FIS for future use and inclusion in academic curricula.
Activity 2.4. Deliver GIS module HANU FIS and UCD Geography masters and third level students.

On August 27, 2018, Ms. Elisa Cavacece -  Vice Ambassador and Head of Development and Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong -  Senior Consultant for Bilateral Relations of the Irish Embassy in Vietnam, visited the GIS class held at Hanoi University. From the Faculty of International Studies, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tien - Dean Deputy was also there to welcome and spend time with the students. Besides, the presence of Dr. Eoin from University College Dublin who is leading the first GIS class in the Faculty of International Studies made this visit special.

The course is funded by the IrishAid, within the framework of the Vietnam Ireland Bilateral Education Exchange (VIBE) Programme and it aims to train students to use QGIS software for applications in the field of development.

GIS is familiar to developed countries but it is relatively new and is not properly applied in academic environment in the field of development in Vietnam.

Understanding the industry trends and the need of applying GIS to the practice of a number of disciplines such as Development Economics, Public Management, Natural Resources, Environment, Climate change, etc. Faculty of International Studies implements the course with a goal that at the end of the course, students can confidently apply GIS to create maps, manage and analyze geographic data as well as predicting impact and building strategic plans for development field.

The course attracted the attention of students who are interested in research and development field. All students and representatives of Faculty of International Studies were delighted receiving positive and encouraging comments from Dr. Eoin: "I realize that students in this class are very fast and self-study learners, they raised many valuable questions, and they practice much more effectively than I expected".




By Eoin O’Mahony, School of Geography, UCD

Time: 9.00-16.00, 14th March 2018
Venue: Rm 716C, Hanoi University, Km9 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
Participant: FIS lecturers and other interested persons.

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