International Conference

IC - Development of Human Resources: Situation and Trends of Internationalization of Higher Education

"Development of Human Resources: Situation and Trends of Internationalization of Higher Education"

The last decade has witnessed a growing trend towards the rapid development of human resources from the higher education in a number of developed and developing countries, including Vietnam, Notably, this reflects how internationalization has become considered as the cornerstone of a country’s education quality advancement, especially when the global economy is currently undergoing the fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Against this background, an international conference organized by Hanoi University, Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences and University College Dublin will focus on the theme of the “Development of Human Resources: Situation and Trends of Internationalization of Higher Education”The conference is designed to bring together Vietnamese and international scholars, researchers, academics, practitioners and students in order to share knowledge and experience in relation to the development of high quality human resources. 

The aim of the conference is to serve as a discussion platform to: 
• Present recent advances in research on the development of human resources, particularly the internationalization of higher education; 
• Share best practices and experiences in the internationalization of higher education globally; and further enhancing the capacity of Vietnamese institutions of higher education and other partners 
• Provide an outlook of the opportunities and challenges going forward; and 
• Promote possible cooperation, networks and partnerships among participants in the fields concerned and. ideas for new partnership projects focussing on the development tof human resources and internationalization of higher education.

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Programm: December 11-12 

International Conference 
Development of Human Resources: 

Situation and Trends of Internationalization of Higher Education”

Call for Papers

Hanoi, 11th-12thDecember, 2018 

Venue: Hanoi University (Km9, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi)

Contents: The conference welcomes participants working on diverse aspects relating to the three major strands of themes:

1.     Situation of high-quality human resources of Vietnam, particularly, in IT area in the context of Industry 4.0;

2.     Situation of conditions for the development of high quality human resources;

3.     Trends of Internationalization of Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges.

Call for paper: Link